Our Mission

The Mission of the AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pain is to maintain the role of the neurosurgeon in pain management through education, advocacy, and research.

Purpose of the Pain Section

In the field of pain management,
1. Provides liaison and involvement with other specialties and organizations.
2. Helps communications between AANS and CNS via joint section status.
3. Provides help in resident curricula planning, especially in the area of pain management
4. Promotes Journal of Neurosurgery and Neurosurgery manuscript submissions in pain management.
5. Fosters international communication and collaboration in neurosurgical procedures for pain.
6. Reaches out to and encourages involvement by part of neurosurgery somewhat outside mainstream.
7. Increases role of neurosurgeon in multidisciplinary field of pain management.

Philipp Lippe, MD; Andrew Shetter, MD; Benjamin Crue, MD; Hubert Rosomoff, MD; Joel Seres, MD; Philip Gildenberg, MD; Ronald Young, MD; John Loeser, MD; David Kline, MD; and Frank Mayfield, MD