Membership Information

The members elected to this Society are divided into six types: (a) Active; (b) Associate; (c) Honorary; (d) International; (e) Resident; (f) Senior; (g) Student Member.

Active Member: Medical doctors who are Active members of the AANS or the CNS, who have engaged in active participation in the field of pain neurosurgery in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Active members shall be entitled to hold office in the Society.

Associate Member: Associate membership may be accorded to those individuals who qualify as Associate Members of the AANS or CNS and who have an interest and an expertise in the area of pain neurosurgery.

Honorary Member: Honorary membership may be conferred in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

International Member: International members shall be practicing neurosurgeons residing outside the United States of United States of America, Canada or the Republic of Mexico who do not qualify as Active (Foreign) members. They shall be neurological surgeons who are certified or recognized by the peer review process in their native country. They shall be proposed and chosen because of their national and international recognition, devotion and contribution to neurological science. International members are encouraged to serve on committees and as consultants.

Resident Member: Resident membership shall be limited to members in good standing in an accredited North American neurosurgical training program. The candidate must be a resident member of either the AANS or the CNS. Annual dues are not required.

Senior Members: Active Members in good standing with the Society, who are either Senior Members of the CNS or Lifetime Members of the AANS. Senior members may vote on Society business matters. Senior Members are exempt from payment of annual dues.

Student Member: AANS or CNS Medical Student members may apply for membership in the Section. Annual dues are not required.


Yearly dues: $75.00 for active AANS/CNS members only

Application Fee: none


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