Loeser Lecturers

The Loeser Lecturers


This award is intended to honor luminaries in the field of pain medicine and to create a tradition that inspires and challenges our field to produce better strategies to reduce human pain and suffering. This award honors Dr. John D. Loeser for his many decades of dedication to advancing the field of pain management through education, research and advocacy.

Loeser Lecture

2018 – Kenneth A. Follett, MD, PhD

2017 – Konstantin V. Slavin, MD

2016 – A. Vaneria Apkarian, PhD

2015 – Elliott S. Krames, MD

2014 – Elliott Krames, MD, FRCS

2013 – Sean Mackey, MD, PhD

2012 – Richard D. Penn, MD

2011 – Kim Burchiel, MD

2010 – Giancarlo Barolat, MD

2009 – Fred Lenz, MD, PhD

2008 – Kim Burchiel, MD

2007 – John Tew, MD

2006 – John Loeser, MD